April 2016

Debugging JavaScript code using Google Chrome Developer Tools
JavaScript is a client side programming language that helps developers add interactivity to their webpages on the client side. Since, JavaScript runs within a client’s browser, it is extremely fast. Typically, JavaScript is typically used to perform client side validations, add dynamic effects and perform animations. In the inception stages of World Wide Web, the browsers were not sophisticated enough and it was extremely cumbersome to debug JavaScript. However, with time, browsers evolved and JavaScript [...]
Updated Software: ByteScout Barcode Generator SDK 4.40.862, Barcode Reader SDK 8.40.1534, Spreadsheet SDK 2.50.1535, ByteScout PDF Generator SDK for JS 1.16.152, Barcode Reader Freeware 8.40.1534, Barcode Generator freeware 4.40.862
ByteScout updated ByteScout Barcode Generator SDK 4.40.862 ByteScout Barcode Generator freeware 4.40.862 ByteScout Barcode Reader SDK 8.40.1534 ByteScout Barcode Reader Freeware 8.40.1534 ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK 2.50.1535 ByteScout PDF Generator SDK for JS 1.16.152 on April 12, 2016. Whats's new: Barcode Generator SDK 4.40.862 fixed bug with barcode placement on rotated PDF page added new Barcode.DrawImagesToPDF() method with callback parameter allowing to add different images on each PDF page in one pass fixed ValueIsValid() method for DataMatrix symbology [...]
Microsoft Bot Framework chat bot experience comparing to Telegram bot
If you are thinking the chat bot for your business then you should consider Microsoft Bot Framework Here are some thoughts from our experience based on making native Telegram bot and Microsoft Bot Framework based bots:  MS Bot Framework allows to connect the same bot to different channels. For example, our bot is now connected  to 4 channels: Skype, Slack, Web Chat, Telegram  Here is how it looks in My Bots in Microsoft Bot Framework panel: Comparing to a native bot [...]
ByteScout bot for Skype is now up and running! Add it to your contacts via this link: https://join.skype.com/bot/122c0906-bb13-47c9-940d-00635db4b5c9 (requires the latest version of Skype for iOS, Android or Windows) Screenshot:   ByteScout bot is also available on Telegram messenger: add using this link https://telegram.me/bytescoutbot ByteScout bot is also available as online web chat (see below):
Play with our technology using Web Chat bot or Telegram bot?
We are happy to announce that our upcoming ByteScout Cloud API is available to play with through web chat bot (see below) and Telegram bot (@BytescoutBot). The source code for both bots are available on Github Screenshots: Webchat Bot Telegram bot Web chat online - try it right here!