March 2016

The Beginner’s Guide for GIT Extensions: How to use GIT to clone repository from GitHub and make changes
Introduction to Git Extensions GIT Extensions is a distributed version control system enabling user to robustly manage collection of source files and the changes made in them. The changes made are shown in History of changes. Users can make changes by accessing a Central repository called remote repository and committing the changes to it. It implements classic GIT by using GUI (Graphical user interface), basically driven by a set of dedicated commands, hence maintains the version [...]
Updated Software: ByteScout PDF To HTML SDK, PDF Multitool, PDF Viewer SDK, Bytescout PDF Extractor SDK, ByteScout PDF SDK, PDF Renderer SDK
ByteScout updated ByteScout PDF To HTML SDK ByteScout PDF Multitool ByteScout PDF Viewer SDK ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK ByteScout PDF SDK ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK on March 23, 2016. Whats's new: PDF To HTML SDK improved support of ICC color profiles imporved handling of embedded fonts fixed extracted text duplication when using OCRCacheMode.WholePage option PDF Multitool improved support of ICC color profiles improved handling of embedded fonts improved Attachment [...]
ByteScout Released New Suites
ByteScout released 3 all-in-one software for developers:  1) Bytescout Data Extraction Suite Includes 3 Data Extraction Tools: PDF Extractor SDK converts PDF to text, extracts images from PDF, PDF to CSV for Excel, PDF to XML BarCode Reader SDK reads almost any barcodes from PDF, TIF, images, webcam in ASP.NET and desktop apps Spreadsheet SDK reads and writes XLS, XLSX, CSV files without Excel installed in ASP.NET, server-side, desktop apps 2) ByteScout BarCodes Suite Includes [...]
Telegram bot to do the basic search on Stackoverflow
We have launched the bot (for Telegram messenger) to search for the newest topics on right from your Telegram. Just type keywords and it will do the search for the newest topics for these keywords. Nice way to check what's new in discussions about your favorite tools or languages! To add this bot to your telegram just click here or add the @so_search_bot Source code is available on Github Screenshot:
Updated Software: ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK 2.46.1494 and ByteScout PDF Generator SDK for Javascript 1.16.151
ByteScout updated developer’s software Spreadsheet SDK 2.46.1494  and PDF Generator SDK for Javascript 1.16.151  (February 2016). What’s new ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK 2.46.1494: added source code example for unmanaged C++ added support for TRIM and LOOKUP functions fixed VLOOKUP function fixed calculation of formulas with logical values improved auto-calculation fixed images location when exporting to PDF Download evaluation version here What’s new ByteScout PDF Generator SDK for Javascript 1.16.151 : improved javascript pdf generation improved support for invalid links or images as [...]
New: ByteScout BarCode Reader SDK and ByteScout BarCode Reader software released
ByteScout BarCode SDK Some more updates of developer software from ByteScout in February, 2016 What's new BarCode Reader SDK 8.35.1497:   Heuristic Mode (automatic decoding retry with different image processing options) implemented QR Code decoding and added support for various QR internal formats: ECI, FNC1, etc. improved PDF rendering improved Datamatrix barcodes decoding improved blurred PDF417 barcodes decoding improved Code 128 decoding improved PDFOptimizeSplittedParts property added More info about BarCode Reader SDK   What's new BarCode Reader Freeware 8.35.1497: read [...]