October 2015

Data Extraction from PDF Tools: Tabula vs ByteScout PDF Multitool
PDF (Portable Document Format) is document format independent of system’s hardware and software and can be opened on any system using designated software. However, unlike Microsoft Word and other word processing software, it is extremely cumbersome to extract desired information such as figures and tables from PDF documents. Special software have been developed which allow users to extract information from PDF documents. Tabula and ByteScout PDF multitool are two of such software. In this article [...]
10 Free Video Footage Sources (Part 2)
Read the 1st part of the article   Shutterstock Shutterstock is an excellent source of video footages online. Though most of the HD videos have some price, there is a section on free videos as well. Movie Tools Movie Tools contain huge collection of animated graphics and videos. From fantasy to technical stuff, Movie Tools contains videos on variety of subjects. Vimeo Vimeo is another free collection of online videos. Here anyone can upload its videos [...]
10 Free Video Footage Sources (Part 1)
Multimedia integration is an integral part of a software based portfolio. Images and videos enhance look and feel of website, personal blog or an online shopping store. However, designing those images and videos is not an easy task. It can cost lots of money if professional video editors are hired. In this article, top 10 free video footage sources have been discussed. Here you can find free videos for your websites or any other purpose. [...]
Different Sources for Learning C# (Part 2)
Read the 1st part of the article   Tutorials Point Tutorialspoint.com is an online programming blog that contains articles on almost all of the modern programming languages. It has a section dedicated for C# which contains beginners to advanced level content. Content is divided into section in order of complexity with the basic ones at the beginning and the advanced ones at the end. Learncs.org Learncs.org is a blog that is dedicated full to C# programming [...]
Different Sources for Learning C# (Part 1)
C# is Microsoft’s primary programming developed for .NET technologies. C# is fully object oriented, robust and type-safe language. C# is a must for anyone who wants to pursue a career in Microsoft development technologies. C# can be used simultaneously for developing web applications via ASP.NET, desktop applications via Windows Form and WPF, mobile applications via Windows Phone Development and game programming via Unity 3D. There are myriad of online resources available for learning C#. They [...]
Learning About Twitter API (Part 2)
Read the 1st part of the article    140dev.com 140dev is a website dedicated to twitter programming and development. The name 140dev is relevant to 140 character tweet limit of the twitter API. This blog contain several articles that explain how to use Twitter API in different scenarios and common issues faced by developers while using the API. CodeAcademy Codeacademy is one of the most popular and interactive online programming platforms. Though, primarily dedicated to [...]
Learning About Twitter API (Part 1)
Twitter is the world’s most famous micro-blogging platform with over 315 million of monthly active users. Twitter is the social platform with largest number of verified celebrities. Like Facebook, people can share statuses (limited to 140 characters), photos and videos. Twitter also provides API for developers to integrate their applications and websites with twitter. You would have often seen the “Sign in with Twitter” option on many website; that is provided Twitter API. There are [...]
Learning about Facebook API (Part 2)
Read the 1st part of the article   PHPEveryday PHPEveryday is a site dedicated to articles and tutorials on PHP language. However, the site also contains a detailed tutorial on integrating PHP applications with Facebook via Graph API.   Tutsplus.com Tutsplus is an online platform that provides technical training, primarily in the domain of computer science and IT. The website contains thousands of video tutorial catering to different languages and technologies. Website also maintains a blog [...]
Learning about Facebook API (Part 1)
  Facebook is one of the most frequently and widely used social networking platform. Facebook allows users to share their statuses, photos, videos, documents and much more. It also allows users to create their own pages which allow them to freely market their products. Where there is so much for a layman user, there is no shortage of APIs for the developers who want to integrate their apps and software with Facebook. A developer, though, [...]