September 2015

Updated Software: ByteScout PDF To HTML SDK 6.12.2239 and PDF Viewer SDK 6.12.2244
ByteScout updated PDF To HTML SDK 6.12.2239 and  PDF Viewer SDK 6.12.2244 on September 17, 2015.What's new ByteScout PDF To HTML SDK 6.12.2239:PDF To HTML conversion improvedPDF format support improvedimages and text support improvedminor bug-fixesWhat's new ByteScout PDF Viewer SDK 6.12.2244:pdf viewer control improvedsupport for images in pdf improvedtext support in pdf improvedminor bug-fixesDownload evaluation versions here
Updated Software: ByteScout BarCode Reader 8.25.1437 (freeware) and ByteScout BarCode SDK 8.25.1437
BarCode Reader ByteScout updated a developer library ByteScout BarCode Reader SDK 8.25.1437 and BarCode Reader 8.25.1437 freeware on September 18, 2015.  What's new BarCode Reader SDK 8.25.1437: reading barcodes from PDF improved read barcodes in .NET from images, pdf, live camera barcode reading from PDF improve updated source code samples minor bug-fixes and improvements Evaluation version BarCode Reader SDK 8.25.1437 download What's new in BarCode Reader 8.25.1437 freeware: free utility to read barcodes improved reading barcodes from PDF improved minor bug-fixes and improvements More info and BarCode Reader freeware download link at:
Software development is a location-independent business. Development teams can be located at one place or multiple remote places. In both scenarios, effective interaction between development team is crucial to smooth development resulting in a successful product. For this purpose, several chatting applications have been developed that allow team members to interact with each other. Following are some of the most widely used real time chat applications for development teams.SkypeMicrosoft Skype has been the leading real [...]
Expand and Collapse Elements in JavaScript
JavaScript is a client side scripting language that runs in browser. Often you would have seen animations on your websites even If they are disconnected from the server. The reason is that all the JavaScript code is sent to the browser by the server and browser is responsible for interpreting and displaying corresponding animations. In this article we are going to see how we can make a simple expand/collapse menu using JavaScript. Let’s jump straight [...]
ByteScout released Screen Capturing SDK 2.41.915 on September 4, 2015.What's new ByteScout Screen Capturing SDK 2.41.915:screen video recording improvedimportant bug-fixes improving the stability of the SDKDownload evaluation version here
ByteScout updated ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK 6.12.2220 on August 30, 2015.What's new ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK 6.12.2220:pdf to image, pdf to tiff, pdf to png conversion improvedtext rendering improvementspdf layers rendering improvementspdf controls rendering improvementssome minor bug-fixesDownload evaluation version here
Updated Software: ByteScout Bitmap Visualizer 1.03.104
ByteScout updated Bitmap Visualizer 1.03.104 – free Visual Studio plugin on September 3, 2015. It is a visual studio debugger addon to preview Bitmap and Image objects while debugging. What's new Bitmap Visualizer 1.03.104 freeware:  Support for Visual Studio 2015 has been added Download evaluation version here
Updated Software: ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK 6.11.2149
ByteScout updated a developer library ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK 6.11.2149 August 6, 2015.  What's new ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK 6.11.2149: Batch Processing samples updated to show the use of Reset() method C++ source code sample added for Pages Extraction DocumentMerger adds Merge2(inputfile1, inputfile2, outputfile) method to merge 2 files XLS Extractor minor bug-fixes PDF Multitool now allows to enable/disable text, image, vector layers, adds advanced settings for text extraction XML, CSV, Table extraction improves support for tables with emtpry [...]