January 2015

Find images for your website (Part 1)
Image from Unsplash Your search for a great icon ends here. Really. If it’s not on Icon Finder, you can just stop looking because chances are, it doesn’t exist. Currently housing over 313,000 icons in almost 1,500 icon sets, this portal will get you the right icon every time. Just make sure you have the filter set to ‘free’ and the right licensing based on your needs. Icon Finder even lets you sort the icons [...]
The 1st part is here.Amazon FireThe Fire Phone is the newest phone to takeoff and fall directly on it’s screen.  The Fire Phone is a 3D-enabled smartphone designed and developed by Amazon, announced in June, 2014. It is Amazon's first attempt at breaking into the smartphone market, running the Fire OS operating system.What went wrong? The Fire has been compared to a glorified shopping assistant, as there is only access to amazon market for apps, and Amazon [...]
Tech Flops (Part 1)
While it’s important to grow and look towards the future, it’s sometimes helpful to take a step back and review the past, so that mistakes can be avoided. This is a brief summary of the top product and idea flops in regards to technology, and why they didn’t make the cut.   QR Codes What went wrong? QR Codes were a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, used for storing [...]
Lookma, twohands! (Part 2)
The 1st part is here. Galaxy Note 4 The phone’s face is mostly dedicated to the size of the screen, minimizing the phone framework as much as possible. The MediaPad X1 boasts a quad-core HiSilicon Kirin 910 processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 13MP rear camera that challenges most entry level DSLR cameras. Nokia Lumia 930                                                930                                                 520                                             Release Date                         June 2014                                      April 2013 Screen size (inches)              5.00                                               4.00 Resolution                             1440x2560 pixels                          720x1280 pixels  RAM                                      2GB                                               512MB  Rear camera                          20-megapixel                                 5-megapixel MediaPad X1 The biggest sized [...]
Look ma, two hands! (Part 1)
If there’s one thing history is known for, it’s repeating itself. It even applies to cellphones. Remember when cellphones first made an appearance, and were about the size of a brick? Maybe I’m just showing my age. The point is, the market went on to make phones more compact and as tiny as possible over the years. The first cellphone was about 10 inches, the size of a shoebox, where the smallest was created in [...]
Picking A License: Alright already! What do I choose?The 1st part is here.GPLRegardless of the plenty of licenses, all in all the one you pick will be based on how to want your project to be handled or manipulated. On the off chance that you fall under the free programming camp and accept that all product ought to be free, then you may float towards The GNU General Public License (GPL).The GPL is intended to [...]
Many of our blog posts have had the goal in mind to provide tips, tricks, and market information to developers during the developmental stages of their projects, but we feel we haven't covered a big part of the picture, protecting what's yours from theft, as well as what license to attach to your project to reflect your sharing boundaries. If you find you're in the final stages of your project and haven't reflected on copy [...]
Virtual Reality is Real (Part 2)
Read the 1st part of the article   Samsung's Project Beyond Announced in November of this year, Project Beyond is a camera mount that hosts 16 full HD cameras enabled to capture 360-degrees of panoramic video in 3d. The device resembles a Frisbee of sorts, and its cameras are positioned along the curve of its body in pairs. Each camera is set at an angle of 45 degrees to its partner which enables complete overlapping coverage [...]