TIFF (Part 2)


Disadvantages of TIFF Images

  • Raster Image Format

    TIFF is a raster image file format which means that it is made up of small bits which may distort the image quality if resized.
    The security level of this format is not very sophisticated. User can set the security for whole file but cannot set security for individual file components.
    TIFF image format is not able to embed or attach other file types with it unlike other format types such as PDF.

  • Not suitable for Printing Purposes
As said earlier, image resize might distort the image quality which result in poor print quality hence these images are not suitable in printing industry.


  • Security


  • Cannot Attach other file types


TIFF file format should be used in the scenarios where we need to edit our image and keep the image size small. In cases where we need high quality images with sophisticated security and embedding features, we should prefer latest file format types such as PDF. (read TIFF vs PDF )




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