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7 Best Sources to Learn Programming Online (part 2)

read the first part here

    1. Khan Academy

Established on the pattern of Coursera and Udacity, Khan Academy offers variety of courses to the students worldwide. Khan academy is providing all the courses free cost to its students. Khan Academy is considered one of the oldest online learning resources.
Khan academy also have separate category for computer programming where students can learn computer science concepts and programming languages adequately and free of cost. Following is the link for khan academy’s programming resources.
  1. MIT Open Courseware

MIT Open Courseware is free online training resource containing hundreds of courses. These online courses are offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA; one of the most prestigious institutions around the globe. Online courses of almost all the courses offered by MIT in class rooms are available at MIT Open Courseware. The computer science and electrical engineering category contains courses related to programming. Here is the link for that
  1. Codeschool

Codeschool is another awesome resource for learning particularly for the programmers and web developers. It contains several video tutorials, code snippets and screenshots which are extremely helpful in practical learning of any programming language. Here is the link for these resources
  1. Stanford Engineering

The last but not the least online programming learning resource in our list is Stanford Engineering. Like other engineering resources aforementioned, Stanford engineering also offers online engineering courses including electrical engineering and computer science. Stanford Engineering online courses can be checked out at the link

All of these resources are extremely beneficial and helpful in learning programming and grasping some of the most advanced computer science concepts. The best thing about these courses is that, all of them are free of cost.

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