Great open courses were started online: School Of Data Courses

Anyone who is interested in introduction and tutorials on working with data. School Of Data in their own words: “Whether you are a journalist, a data-nerd or working in human-rights abuses – we’ll show you how to utilize data to deliver your message.”

Current version of these School Of Data provides the following modules:

Main page is here:
The course mentions difficulties of scrapping data from PDF documents and if you are on Windows, ByteScout can help you with it! We have solutions for regular users and for software developers:
First tool is PDF Viewer desktop utility for Windows that is able to detect and extract tables from PDF as text, as XML, as CSV, as XLS spreadsheets (with adjustable options). 
You can get PDF Viewer utility from this page
This desktop utility is free both commercial and non commercial use
If you are a software developer and looking for a API (programming interface) then please check PDF Extractor SDK, read more information about it here 

PDF Extractor SDK is commercial library but if you are working on non-for-profit or for-charity project, please contact us and we will provide you with a free license.