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ByteScout SDK vs Open-Source PDF libraries

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Typical Open-Source PDF libraries vs ByteScout SDK products

This is a comparative table for a typical PDF library versus ByteScout SDK products.

Open-Source library ByteScout SDK
Price It depends
Open-source != Free. Make sure you’ve read License carefully.
Covers product + support + updates.
Who made it Made by some strangers from the Internet
Make sure to explore who made it. Is it a team or just some stranger? A professional?
The team of experienced developers
Made by developers who work on SDK professionally for years
Tested? It depends
Sometimes it may have some tests included. You are expected to create and run your own tests. 
Automated and Manual Testing For Every Release
Plus additional tests based on feedback and reports from thousands of customers 
Tech Support Included? No
Write a question on GitHub, a forum, or an online community. Someone may want to answer and help you. If you face a bug then try to fix it on your own (and share with others for free!). Original project authors are not obligated to answer and may ask to pay for support or become a paid sponsor of the project.
Send a request to ByteScout Team to get answers and guidance from experts. You are not alone!
Base Features? Yes?
Test it to make sure these base features work as expected
Base features are the core of the product 
Advanced Features? It depends
Some advanced features may exist in the project, but make sure you test these functions.
Created based on needs from real customers and polished based on feedback from paid customers and companies like yours
Updates? It depends
Some projects are updated, others are not. It depends. Very often it is just a single person working on a project in her free time.
Covers product + support + updates.
Battle-tested? It depends
The best way is to find someone who tested this library in a very similar project and environment. 
Battle-tested on millions of files in the production and refined over the years based on the feedback from many customers.