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ByteScout Mobile Scan

“white label” mobile scan app that is deeply integrated with ByteScout data processing solutions on server.

Scan Application

Why ByteScout Mobile Scan? 

  • Its camera makes clear and exact photos using built-in post-processing filters
  • One click scan or photo feature that processes and normalizes images automatically;
  • This document scan app for iPhone processes lossless compressed documents without losing pixelsthe quality remains high even with a slow network connection when transmitted to a server. The color variations are kept authentic due to adaptive color processing.
  • Built in shadow and noise filtering makes the image vivid and full of contrast.
  • The documents are automatically adjusted after mobile scanning due to angle correction and borders auto detection. You can also keep adjusting manually if you like a better fine tuning of the documents.
  • The phone scanner app can send images to ByteScout server to read barcodes, extract text and tables, convert to PDF, run post processing based on custom rules

Your Benefits

High quality neat and clear scans with color and pixels preserved Perfect for urgent scans in no time (if you are a busy person)
Easy to edit the document, to convert, save and extract data Scanned (and adjusted) files can be easily shared or locked with a password