DEVELOPERS: Spreadsheet SDK 2.30.832 now available for download - ByteScout

DEVELOPERS: Spreadsheet SDK 2.30.832 now available for download

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Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK now supports .NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010.

What’s new in version 2.30.832:

  • new samples were added: Export To 2D Array, Export To Data Table, Export To DataSet, Export To Jagged Array, Export To List, Import From 2D Array, Import From Data Table, Import From DataSet, Import From Jagged Array, Import From List;
  • documentation updates;
  • .NET 3.5, .NET 4.00, .NET 3.5 Client Profile and .NET 4.00 Client Profile versions assemblies were added;
  • methods to import from and export to 2D arrays, jagged arrays, Data Grids, Data Tables, Lists were added (see Advanced Examples for source code samples);
  • documentation: advanced examples updated to use .LoadFromFile() instead of loading file in constructors;
  • XML documentation is supplied now to provide inline help for classes, methods and properties in Visual Studio;
  • Export To PDF sample added (removing old XLS2PDF sample);
  • problem with line breaks strings fixed;
  • problem with current locale (CultureInfo.CurrentCulture) used instead of locale from Excel file was fixed;
  • class ViewOptions (Worksheet.ViewOptions) provides new properties: Zoom (sheet view zoom in percents), SplitColumn, SplitRow, SplitHorizontal, SplitVertical, ActivePane (related to splitting of a worksheet window to 4 parts). Works simliar to VBA properties for Window class;
  • problem with not saving current selection in XLS and XLSX files was fixed;
  • Spreadsheet SDK console changed to accept PRO License serials instead of “Console” license types;
  • Saving to PDF function has been added;
  • minor improvements and bug-fixes.

REGISTERED USERS: Use the FULL version download link from your original registration information e-mail to download the update.