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PDF Extractor SDK 6.00.2071 is released

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What’s new PDF Extractor SDK 6.00.2071:


  • PDF to XML, PDF To CSV, PDF To Text functionality improved
  • PDF To XLS command line sample added (based on vbscript)
  • PDF To HTML SDK adds new .DetectHyperLinks property (TRUE by default) to enable/disable automated links detection in the text
  • new SearchablePDFMaker (available for PRO licenses) to convert PDF into searchable PDF files
  • new properties in extractor: ConsiderFontNames, ConsiderFontSizes, ConsiderFontColors, ConsiderVerticalBorders in CFG files
  • header columns detection (when AutoAlighHeaderToColumns = true) improved
  • .DetectLinesInsteadOfParagraphs replaced with new .LineGroupingMode to control how lines are merged into paragraphs
  • IMPORTANT! PDF To XML fixes long time issue with incorrect Y coordinate for text objects (was point to the bottom left instead of top left)
  • .TableXMinIntersectionRequiredInPercents and .TableYMinIntersectionRequiredInPercents properties added
  • C++ source code sample added
  • XML Extractor fixes missing empty columns in PreserveFormatting=true mode
  • minor fixes in colors in some PDF files
  • support for multiple OCR languages added
  • PDF Multitool GUI: adds Copy to Clipboard button to TXT, CSV, XML and raster renderer dialogs
  • XLSExtractor: adds PageToWorksheet property to enable/disable generation of separate worksheets per page
  • new .TextEncodingCodePage property
  • PDFViewerControl: adds ValidateContextMenu allowing user to add custom items to context menu
  • PDF Viewer control: adds properties ShowTextObjects, ShowImageObjects, ShowVectorObjects
  • XMLExtractor now adds “OCRConfidence” attribute for recognized text
  • PDF/A checking functionality (in beta)
  • improving controls and text checking and alignment according to the original layout. The issue was caused by the shift of Y coordinates in controls while parsing: that was incorrect. The correct way is to shif…
  • XML Extractor updated: now produces CONTROL tag for checkboxes and text fields
  • changed using of current directory to temp directory
  • checkboxes,radioboxes, editboxes, comboboxes are better supported
  • now allows partial trust callers
Download evaluation version here