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Dating service where you need to prove your level before accessing the best girls!

Are you a programmer? Are you looking for a girl? Take our test to prove your professional level and access the profiles of the most stunning girls! The higher level you have, the more girls are available to you for chat and dating. Are you ready for the challenge?

Are you a girl? Are you looking for a guy to date? Don’t look any further! A programmer is the best guy for a serious relationships and we’ll make you sure that all guys that have profiles in our website are REAL programmers! So, why dating with a programmer is your lucky chance?

  • If you want to be sure that there’s no other than you (and computer) – a programmer is the best choice for you! He’s programmed to love you and only you – enjoy!
  • Maybe programmer is not very romantic, but if you prefer cool gadgets to white roses, he’s just what you need (still, he’s not hopeless to teach that a white rose will be a good supplement to any practical gift).
  • (As almost every girl) you want your friends to envy you for your boyfriend. Be sure that even if your best friend don’t appreciate his beauty, she envies you for having your PC, laptop, tablet, phone etc. working always and the best way possible.
  • The man who can make any gadget work, is always a welcome guest at every house. Your programmer-boyfriend will be more popular and asked-for among your friends than if he would be a rock star!
  • Last but not least – he has a promising job. He’s really smart! He is a serious man even if he doesn’t look like one. So you can think even further than just dating with him.

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