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Where to Buy (And Sell) a Startup

Where to Buy a Startup

Why buy a startup

If you want to run a startup then you can create a brand new startup or you can actually buy and grow one.

There are a few success stories on the Internet about buying a project and successfully growing it:

  • Rob Walling’s experience with buying and growing HitTail online service
  • Nathan Latka’s story about buying and monetizing SndLatr Chrome plugin.
  • Also, there are so-called “search funds” that are similar to venture funds but instead of investing in startups, these funds are focused on buying companies for the purpose of growing and expanding them under new management.


  • BizBuySell – a large online marketplace with both online and offline businesses for sale. Prices start at $1K but in most cases, you see prices from $10k and higher. You can also hire a broker to help you.
  • Flippa – this popular marketplace started from selling domains, mobile apps, and websites but later expanded to selling marketplaces and Amazon FBA shops. They claim to be the #1 platform to buy and sell online businesses. Note that there are a lot of resellers that are buying projects and then reselling them.
  • FE International – focused on selling e-commerce websites and SaaS services. Prices range from $60K to $20M per listing. This online brokerage service also provides due diligence and other services.
  • Shopify Exchange – official marketplace by Shopify for buying and selling e-commerce stores and businesses. Prices range from $1,500 to a few million.
  • Empire Flippers – a smaller marketplace with 100-200 listings available with prices ranging from $14K to $3.5M+. Businesses are sorted by their monetization type. In addition to traditional listings with websites and SaaS apps, you can also find listings for Amazon Kindle Digital Publisher (Amazon KDP).
  • TransferSlot – this small marketplace sells websites and apps ranging from $1k to $60K. You can contact the owner of the listing and subscribe to the updates via email.
  • Borderline – simple Craiglist-like marketplace with apps for sale. Prices range from $100 to few thousands and you can directly email the owner of the listing.
  • IndieMaker – a pretty new marketplace that offers websites, apps, and social media accounts. Prices range from $500 to $10k.
  • Side Projectors – the marketplace that offers side projects (aka startups), websites, social media accounts, and even desktop apps for sale. Prices range from $100 to $10K.
  • TrustIu – online marketplace offering YouTube channels. Prices start at 700 EURO.
  • FameSwap – online marketplace offering thousands of Youtube channels, Instagram accounts, and TikTok accounts. Prices start from $500.
  • Accs Market – online marketplace selling Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook accounts, and Telegram channels. Prices range from $50 to $30k.
  • Code Canyon – online marketplace selling video, audio, and recently also templates for source code for mobile apps. Prices start at $35 but these apps are very simple and may serve as the base or as an example only for your new project.

Where startups are looking for feedback.

In addition to marketplaces, there are few places where startup founders and entrepreneurs are looking for feedback about their new businesses. Some of them may also look for new users and for potential buyers. Here are the few of them:

  • Reddit Side Projects – the Reddit community where entrepreneurs are showcasing their side projects and startups.
  • Show HN – the online community where software developers and tech entrepreneurs are sharing their new startups, apps, and websites.
  • BetaPage – a website where startups are posting their information and searching for feedback for their “beta” version.
  • Product Hunt – the place where startups are pitching their projects. There are dozens and hundreds of submissions every day and you may want to explore old postings.

updated on June 15, 2020


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