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Four Scrum Master Success Principles
Check out brief navigation for this article: What is Scrum? Scrum Theory Scrum Master - Job Description Roles of the Scrum Master The Four Scrum Master Success Principles What is Scrum? Scrum is a lightweight structure that aids individuals, companies, and organizations in creating value by allowing them to adjust to complicated situations. It is likewise a straightforward methodology. Scrum is a set of discussions, techniques, and responsibilities that come together to help teams organize [...]
Definition of Done: Best Practice to Succeed in Software Projects
Check out the quick navigation for this article: What is the Definition of Done? Who Defines Done? Differences Between the Definition of Done and Acceptance Criteria What is Agile? Agile Software Development What are Agile Methodologies? Agile Project Management or Agile Business Analysis What is the Definition of Done? The process starts at the beginning of a project. It is significant to achieve the agreed-upon set of items before completion of the project concerned. Such [...]
Pair Programming is Not Pair Coding
Pair programming works on the concept of "two heads are better than one." When doing pair programming, two programmers come together and develop applications in the same workstation. One of them is the driver, who writes the codes and has more control over the keyboard. The other one is the navigator. He/she is also involved in coding with the driver but puts more focus on the overall aspect of programming. Now, generally, the driver and [...]