October 2017

Why use ASP.NET for Web Application Development?
Developers now have many technologies available for projects. But these are some of the biggest and most basic advantages ASP.NET provides. ASP.NET advantages ASP.NET requires less coding for application development. Just in time compilation, early binding and caching services are available right out of the box. You can reuse a large library of built-in classes. This significantly reduces the amount of coding required. ASP.NET supports common language runtime. Subsequently, it can support several languages, such [...]
.NET Core vs .NET Framework: How to Pick a .NET Runtime for an Application
In this article, we are going to review some arguments you may have to consider before adopting either .NET Core or .NET Framework for your incoming project. Rather than to be a simple technical point of view, the final decision is mostly motivated by many other considerations. Quick recap .NET Framework and .NET Core .NET Framework was in the market for so long years ago, 2 decades soon. It was designed to run exclusively on [...]
TOP-10 Techniques to Optimize AngularJS Websites for Crawlers
Angular JS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in the world right now. Some of the top sites using Angular JS include: PayPal Upwork The Guardian Netflix Freelancer Udemy YouTube for PS3 iStock Photo JetBlue If you take a close look at the list of Angular JS websites, you will realize that Angular JS has become indispensable for web development. Building a website with Angular JS offers a better user experience. Additionally, it [...]
Ultimate Tutorial about Microsoft Graph APIs
What is Microsoft Graph In this article, we’ll talk about Microsoft Graph APIs and will show you a quick preview of the essential features. This technology is growing up too fast so some existing features may not be longer available at the time of reading and surely new features will be added to it after the time of writing. Microsoft Graph API – formerly known as Office 365 unified API - is the new service-oriented architecture [...]
7 Proven Ways To Fight Against New Signups To Your Website
1. Captcha How can I stop spam? Probably you asked this question plenty of times.Remember Remember: the best captcha is the one you have invented yourself. Try to put some creativity into it: ask a user to paint something, to calculate some formula, translate something from Ancient Greek mixed with Latin phrases and so on — do not limit your self! Your user failed to understand the math formula or not able to translate your favorite Greek [...]
Creative Barcode Designs
Product barcodes appear on practically everything you buy, and traditionally, they’re pretty uninteresting. But a barcode image doesn’t have to be boring. With a little extra attention, you can create a barcode design that does much more than just help with tracking, inventory, and checkout. Advantages of creative barcode formats Stepping out of the box and adopting a custom barcode has two big advantages compared to old-school barcode label design. First, a unique barcode can [...]
How to Prepare a Cross-Platform Application Development
Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TV and more general objects, are growing super fast last decades, they are more and more powerful, smart and more connected to become essential tools in our daily life. For some of us, mobile devices app programming looks like very hard and inaccessible stuff for one or some reasons. Hopefully for you, we will help you to get ready to enter the future world of cross-platform development. This [...]