September 2017

Search Algorithms in Modern Applications
To find an item in an unknown list, a human would probably go from the beginning to the end of it, checking every item he finds one by one. What about computers? Nowadays, programs have a large arsenal of search algorithms at their disposal, and today we will briefly describe the most common ones. Naïve way The first thing that comes to mind is to sequentially go through all possible elements in some array and [...]
Find out About the Most Common Mistakes in your Code
Most errors in the source code live up to a next compilation or up to the next unit test. However, did you know that sometimes the price of one undetected error may rack up to millions of US dollars? In this article, we will discuss such errors in relation to C programming language, their impact in the past and, most importantly, how to avoid them in the future. Nowadays, many human activities are automated. Computerization [...]
Bringing New Workers on Board
excerpt from the upcoming book 'Without Office' by E. Mironichev When someone new has just been added to the team and is still working on a test project, don't be in a hurry to fully integrate him or her with all of your company’s services and systems. Just like at a brick-and-mortar office, you wouldn't give the newbie a copy of the keys to all the offices and files right away. You can start by [...]
32-bit Single-Precision Floating Point in Details
In modern days, programming languages tend to be as high-level as possible to make programmer's life a little bit easier. However, no matter how advanced programming language is, the code still has to be converted down to the machine code, via compilation, interpretation or even virtual machine such as JVM. Of course, at this stage, rules are different: CPU works with addresses and registers without any classes, even «if» branches look like conditional jumps. One [...]