December 2016

.NET versions: review .net version (Mono, Core, etc) and what are the key differences
Microsoft introduced the .NET Framework at the beginning of the 2000’s. It was considered to be the successor of Windows COM programming and came with: - several programming languages where and VB.NET are the two most used - a web framework is known as ASP.NET in the alternative to the classical ASP - a compiler and a new runtime environment named CLR The .NET framework became popular towards companies around the world and a large community [...]
FFMPEG Command Lines To Convert Various Video Formats Between Each Other
Fast Forward MPEG (FFmpeg) is one of the most popular and the best multimedia networks in the world. It offers plenty of tools for you to play the video, convert the formats, stream live broadcast and even analysis the multimedia stream. These are the tools which actually make FFmpeg is a great framework to work with. They provide you with best technical solutions, also offering a myriad of extremely useful yet free software to the [...]
Advanced Action Formulas and Functions: Reading and Writing Excel Files
Excel files or more commonly known as spreadsheets are used to store, manipulate, analyze and retrieve statistical data. Spreadsheets work as a down-featured version of database management systems. Common uses of spreadsheets include daily price charts and sales data, student result calculation, employee salary management and similar systems. In short, almost all the statistical data can be stored, manipulated and presented in the form of graphs, charts, and tables via spreadsheets. The best thing about spreadsheets [...]
How to Generate Invoices with PDF SDK
The PDF format is one of the most commonly used format in the enterprise documents exchanges. Each company has its software for invoices, may be from a specific vendor or developed by its own development team. Many dedicated frameworks exist in the market to manipulate PDF files, they all aims to make developer’s work easy. In this tutorial, we will show how to create your printable invoices with PDF SDK. The Bytescout’s PDF SDK contains [...]