January 2016

What is Hadoop and What it is for?
If you have heard of big data, you have probably heard of Hadoop as well. These two terms are often used in conjunction owing to the fact that Hadoop is the primary software framework currently being used for distributed storage, manipulation and distributed processing of huge amount of data residing on a cluster of computers that are build on commodity hardware. Currently, companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo and ebay use Hadoop for processing huge amount [...]
ByteScout softwareByteScout updated 5 developer libraries:ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK 6.20.2354, ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK 6.20.2354, PDF Multitool (freeware) 6.20.2354, PDF To HTML SDK 6.20.2354, PDF Viewer SDK January 2016.What's new ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK 6.20.2354:PDF To Text, PDF To CSV, PDF To XML functions improvedNew Extract Video, Extract Audio examplesCSV and XML extractors improved support for tables with empty columns insidenew MultimediaExtractor to extract video and audio from PDFnew property PageDataCachingnew "MemoryCareProcessingOfHugeFiles" examplefixed null exception when trying to dispose [...]
Read the 1st part of the article What is not big data?Data which doesn’t fulfill all of the above three characteristics isn’t considered big data. For instance the data which is not huge, being generated at a pace which can be handled by traditional DBMS and is well structured and relational isn’t considered big data. Data which fulfills one of the three Vs is Big data. How Big Data is collected?Though, anyone with specialized software and hardware products can [...]
Big Data: What it is & what it is not (Part 1)
What is big data? ByteScout Bear goes to know Analysts have been processing data for centuries in order to extract useful information from it. With the advent of modern computers, data processing has been revolutionized.  DBMS systems can efficiently store, manipulate, edit and extract useful information from data. However, with the advent of social media, online marketing and digitalization of manual data entry systems, the amount of data has grown exponentially. Big data is so huge that existing systems [...]
Differences between VB 6 and VB.NET & Migrating VB 6 code to Microsoft VB.NET
ByteScout .NET Bear VB 6 is old application development framework that targets the COM infrastructure which in turn depends upon the useable components of the windows framework. VB 6 is considered extremely simple since it doesn’t depend on outside components since all the functions and features that are required by the application are shipped in the form of runtime libraries with VB 6 application code. VB 6 code can either be compiled to interpreted P [...]
What are Cloud Hosting Services for ASP.NET Applications  (Part 2)
  Read the 1st part of the article  3. Amazon AWS Amazon AWS based cloud hosting services such as Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) based hosting providers. IaaS lets developers do pretty much anything on the hosting machine. From deployment of customized OS to customized configuration, Amazon AWS offers complete control over the hosting environment. This is ideal for the developers who want total control the hosting platform. [...]
What are Cloud Hosting Services for ASP.NET Applications  (Part 1)
If you have developed an ASP.NET and do not know where to deploy your applications, this article might be the one for you. In this article we shall review famous cloud hosting platforms for deploying ASP.NET based applications. Microsoft Window Azure Window Azure is a platform as a service could hosting provider. Azure is a self-managed hosting service which saves developers from the OS configuration and maintenance headaches and lets them focus on the application [...]