December 2015

The computer systems that you use today are a result of 50 years of evolutionary success. Computers started from as simple machine as abacus and have evolved through as complex as IBM and apple server machines. However, the foundation of the current computer systems was laid during the 80s and 90s. This was the era in which Apple and IBM produced desktop systems and Microsoft started releasing windows based GUI operating systems.In the 80s, computers [...]
C#: Where it all started C# is the premier language of Microsoft’s famous .NET framework. With huge success of JAVA and its WORA (Write once run anywhere) feature, big bosses at Microsoft started to think that there was a need of programming language that can compete with Java. As a result C# was developed which is strongly typed and fully object oriented. The first version of the C# was released in 2000 as an integral [...]
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016 from ByteScout! Bytescout values your contributions to our products, so we're setting you up with a 16% discount on all our products to use over the holidays. Enter the coupon code  HNYR-X2RB-DISC on a licensing options page to get the discount and you're good to go!    This offer is available for a limited time December 25th, 2015 - January 4th, 2016.     Celebrate New Year 2016 with ByteScout! Happy Holidays! photo credit: TFC Hunt ASO!&Soothe. [...]
Read the 1st part of the article 3- StudioPressIf you are looking specifically for WordPress based themes, StudioPress might be the place for you. The website contains professional website designs that not only look pleasing but are also load extremely fast. Another advantage of buying StudioPress theme is that they are highly secure from the outset.4- 99Designs99Designs is a general purpose graphic design website that contains logos, headers, and other graphic items. The site also contains [...]
Web design refers to the layout and outlook of your website. Web development on the other hand refers to backend coding for a website. Having an amazing design is integral to success of any website.There are several websites that deal in sale and purchase of web design. This article contains brief info about the most famous web design sites.1- ThemeForestThemeForest is the primary website for sale and purchase of any web design or template. With [...]
Read the 1st part of the article 3. UnfuddleLike Basecamp, Unfuddle is also an online project management tool that allows users to perform all the standard project management tasks, ranging from bugs and issue tracking, team collaboration and communication, task assignment etc. It also contains a web based repository browser. TrelloTrello is another simple to use and extremely efficient web-based software project management tool. Owing to its ease of use, this one is my personal favorite. You [...]
Software project management tools are software tools that help automate the process of software development lifecycle. Development process involves many intricacies ranging from team communication to product scheduling. Handling these tasks manually requires much effort and time and the output is still erroneous. Software project management tools management software products more efficiently and in timely fashion. Following are some of the famous software project management tools. MS ProjectDeveloped my Microsoft, MS project is one of [...]
Read the 1st part of the article is my personal favorite for download icons for my web applications and desktop projects. The icons are absolutely free for both commercial and personal use but you have to give appropriate credits to the owner. Flaticon.comLike, flaticon also contains royalty free images for commercial and personal use but you have to add appropriate credits with the icon. also contains free icons for personal and commercial use [...]
Icons play an extremely important role in enhancing look and feel of any application. To get required icons designed, either you have to learn graphic designing or you have to hire a graphic designer who could design icons for you. However, there is a third alternative which, with little compromise, can save you both money and time. There are many websites that allow users to download icons that can be used in both commercial and [...]
Read the 1st part of the article  3. MicrosoftVirtualAcademy MicrosoftVirtualAcademy is another Microsoft resource for learning ASP.NET. The website contains video lectures for novice programmers as well as for experts. 4. is an online learning platform that contains video lecture on almost every technology. It also has many courses dedicated to ASP.NET. Though, most of the video courses on are paid, but they are worth the price.5. is another online resource for learning ASP.NET [...]