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7 Best Android Apps for developers (Part 2)

read the first part here

5. C4droid

C4droid is a C language code compiler designed specially to run on Android platforms. This application uses traditional GCC compiler which is used for compiling applications on Unix platform. With certain modifications to this app, C++ code can also be compiled on this application.  The application costs only 1.5$. Further details about this application are here.

6. C# To Go

C# To Go is an android app which allows you to compile your C# application on your android device. If you are a C# programmer, you can now compile your application on the fly using this application. C# To Go is a free application. This application also allows you to debug your application apart from syntax highlighting. This application can be downloaded at the following link.

7. WordPress for android

This application is a customizable content management system for Android devices. WordPress is a famous content management system based on PHP. This application is a cut down version of WordPress designed especially for Android devices. It is absolutely free like the larger version. More details are here.
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