April 2011

Learning ASP.NET MVC? Try To Learn Ruby On Rails To Understand MVC Approach Better!
.NET MVC 3 from Microsoft gains more and more popularity for ASP.NET web application development since first version which was introduced in 2007 but developers ofter compares ASP.NET MVC to other mature MVC frameworks such as Ruby On Rails (Rails framework) Best way to compare is to try both frameworks yourself and actually learning Ruby On Rails helps to understand ASP.NET MVC better. Although there are lot of books, tutorials and screencasts available for RoR [...]
.NET Bear, Do You Know Any Free PDF Generation Libraries For Use In Commercial Applications?
Short Answer: Yes, you can use iTextSharp 4.1.6 (please read important information about this particular version 4.1.6 below). iTextSharp is the mature and solid PDF generation library for .NET, originally ported from iText, Java library. This open source library delivers functionality to create, modify, stamp, fill PDF files. Question: can I use this library in a closed source commercial applications for free of charge? Answer: this is allowed with iTextSharp 4.1.6 version (or prior versions) [...]
Our long time employee, .NET Bear awaken from the hibernation!
Our lovely and long time employee, .NET Bear, as the spring comes out, from the deep hibernation and now works again to provide our customers with quality .NET components such as ByteScout BarCode SDK, BarCode Reader SDK, Spreadsheet SDK, Watermarking SDK.. Long time he was a big fan of Borland Delphi but now he works with Visual Studio and .NET only. Here is the short story why he moved from Delphi to .NET without any [...]
Why Hardware Based Activation Sucks
From time to time we receive questions from our prospective customers like these: what should I do if I need to migrate to another web-server with another hardware? Will I need to re-activate my license key? When you purchase a tool or a server side component that will be installed on a production web server, this kind of question is really important. Why? Imagine that you got an attention to your web-site after it was [...]
welcome back to our blog
After several years of silence in this blog we have decided to turn it back as we have lot of things to discuss about software and the software development Welcome back to everyone!