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ByteScout Solutions for Data Masking

Automate sensitive data detection, masking, and removal from documents, scanned and native pdf files, scans, spreadsheets and text files


Detect, mask or remove sensitive data from documents

Detect sensitive data

Automatically scan and detect sensitive data like SSN, credit card numbers, addresses, and names

Redact sensitive data

Automate redaction of auto-detected or manually marked sensitive data from PDF, scanned documents, spreadsheets and text files

Mask sensitive data

Mask or replace sensitive data inside documents for re-use of data

Prepare and clean collected data

Scan and clean collected data for re-use in machine learning

Manual and semi-automatic data masking

Mix automatic and manual data masking through ready to use embeddable editor

Create an unsearchable PDF

Convert documents into unsearchable documents with masked data and reduced images and text quality

Why ByteScout?

  • Detect, mask or remove sensitive data from PDF, scans, spreadsheets and text files
  • x10 faster data extraction speed
  • x10 savings compared to manual data entry and verification
  • x10 faster time-to-market with low-code tools and flexible pre-built configurations
  • Battle-tested by thousands of companies
  • On-premise data processing option for better privacy
  • Scalable and easy to deploy
  • Customization, training, help with integration
  • Powered by AI and machine learning


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