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Data Masking solutions:

This development solution is innovative and sophisticated. It helps developers reach their goals. The following assets can be done when implementing the solutions for data masking:

  • It becomes easy to use replacement data generation in order to mask PII (Personally Identifiable Information) ;
  • You can classify ultra-sensitive data (name, date of birth, SSN, email, and others) and operate with them using transformation rules;
  • You will deal with tools that support JSON, CSV, XML, JSON data, PDF, PNG, JPG images.

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There is an increasing need for any organization to handle enormous amounts of data securely, while connected across mobile devices, cloud, computers, and apps. Nowadays, traditional approaches to data protection – firewalls, encryption, and passwords – are no longer sufficient.

All industries are using sensitive data: financial information, payment details, health records, revenues, SSN, emails, phone numbers, earnings, addresses, IPs, etc. The challenge today is not so much about keeping the data safe, but to use them in a safe manner, exposing data only to the required people while maintaining confidentiality and adhering to regulatory compliance standards.

In many industries there are regulations governing the protection of sensitive data. Non-compliance can result in fines that will exceed by far the price of any software solution. Must more costly though, is the potential loss in goodwill, clients, and business that can flow from a breach of your systems. Costs of such an event can be fatal to a company, even before getting to a lawsuit.

In Europe, GDPR introduced two key concepts: data minimization and pseudonymization as ways to protect citizens’ privacy rights while letting data controllers use collected data for other purposes.

ByteScout Sensitive Data Suite is very useful in every organization, regardless of the industry. First of all, it is a scalable tool, no matter your dataset size, platform or business.

The benefits are numerous

– automatically locating and categorizing sensitive data in your databases and helping you configure data masking rules. Therefore, masked data retain the realism of production data and reduces sensitive data exposure, complying with data privacy laws.

– protecting various types of data, including intellectual property, personally identifiable data, health data, as well as financial data, such as payment card information.

– reducing the unnecessary spread and exposure of sensitive data within an organization – protecting it while simultaneously maintaining its usability.

– helping protect sensitive data in relation to third parties.

– preparing documents and reports for public release.

– tracking sensitive information in your organization for data mapping of every department, one of the first steps of becoming GDPR compliant.

– making reliable copies of production data for non-production use for application development and testing.

– helping develop new data-based business models and services without compromising the privacy of users.

– safely sharing customer data between business units and across geographic borders.

ByteScout Sensitive Data Suite has a specific use, by industry:

Communications, banking, healthcare companies have in common a large number of users that share their private data with them. They also regularly offer new services that need testing before the market launch;

– Training industry companies remove sensitive data in order to create personnel training manuals/courses or case studies;

– Healthcare and pharmaceuticals companies remove sensitive health information when conducting clinical trials, publishing scientific papers or providing statistical reports to local or national government institutions;

– Sensitive data must be retrieved from publications when information is used by teaching staff from universities for education purpose when presenting case studies.

ByteScout Sensitive Data Suite for intersectoral use

Once fully anonymized, a dataset can be analyzed by third parties without needing additional consent from the customers.

– Public services – Telecommunication providers give access to anonymized location data for city planning purposes;

– Advertising – Cloud providers could give access to anonymized user profile data for advertising and marketing purposes;

– Automotive industry – Rental companies or dealers share anonymized car usage patterns with manufacturers;

Archiving – Insurers or healthcare providers could store anonymized historical data even after the legal deletion periods

– Government, Municipalities – Anonymized information can be used for the benefit and safety of citizens, for transportation infrastructure, parking, education, healthcare policies, etc.


Consumer goods

  • POS systems
  • Invoicing
  • Customer displays
  • Order management

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  • Patient identification
  • Medication management
  • Document classification
  • Sample labeling
  • Equipment identification

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  • Package management
  • Item check in / check out
  • Order management
  • Vehicle identification
  • Equipment identification

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  • Customer identification
  • Claim identification
  • Archive documents

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Hardware Industry

  • Generate productivity reports
  • Label deliverable items
  • Track your equipment

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  • Digital signature
  • Invoicing
  • Working with archived docs

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Automative industry

  • Label your docs
  • Create supplier reports
  • Track hardware parts

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Artificial intelligence

  • Access to locked data
  • Process better structures for your learning algorithms
  • Choose cost-effective solutions

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Financial technology

  • Working with malformed docs
  • Process mobile payments
  • Recognize any barcodes

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  • Monitor IDs
  • Create databases
  • Share informational docs

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Real estate

  • Fill in brochures and forms
  • Protect and share digital images
  • Create buyer/seller documents

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  • Create and sign legal forms
  • Generate sophisticated reports
  • Organize, track and analyze information

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  • Extract data with specific tools
  • Easy data transformation and loading
  • Manipulation with files and its parts

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Machine Learning

  • Working with Deep Learning technologies
  • Machine Learning and MySQL combined
  • ML instruments and techniques

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  • Bitcoin techniques implemented
  • Enriched Blockchain technology implementation
  • Smart contracts and data mining components

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