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PDF Extractor – proven solution for unstructured data extraction from PDF


Extracting unstructured text from PDF files becomes hard when you need to process millions of PDF documents. Get correct text from files with corrupted fonts, malformed encodings, scanned images, manually edited objects, invisible or clipped text, text with multiple languages

Robust text and data extraction from PDF and scans

Tables and text extraction

Extract tables and text with original layout and formatting

Read malformed and corrupted PDF

Automatically recover corrupted text and content

Read text from scans using built-in OCR

Read text from scanned documents and from mixed documents

Read PDF forms information

Read PDF forms information, metadata, and other hidden information

Extract attachments

Extract attachments from PDF and PDF portfolios, including very large archives

Built-in AI analyzer

Analyze PDF files to detect highest quality parameters, use AI to analyze text layout and order

Why ByteScout?

  • Create and maintain your own business automation apps
  • x10 faster data extraction speed
  • x10 savings compared to manual data entry and verification
  • x10 faster time-to-market with low-code tools and flexible pre-built configurations
  • Battle-tested by thousands of companies
  • On-premise data processing option for better privacy
  • Scalable and easy to deploy
  • Customization, training, help with integration
  • Powered by AI and machine learning



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