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ByteScout Solutions for Data Extraction

Use AI-powered data extraction to extract unstructured text and data from electronic documents, PDF, scans, spreadsheets and images


Automate data extraction for shipping paperwork to facilitate transactions

Unstructured Data Extraction

Extract unstructured data from PDF, reports, statements, tables, invoices, and others

Read from Mixed Content

Read and re-structure unstructured data from mixed content with images, text, drawings, scans

Repair Text

Automatically repair damaged text from noisy scans, malformed PDF documents, drawings and photos

Automate the whole process

Preprocess and post-process documents, split, merge, compress, clean and re-arrange documents

Sort and Search

Sort documents by keywords and rules, classify and use sophisticated search

Extract data from old and legacy apps

Read data from legacy apps that have no API

Why ByteScout?

  • AI-powered data extraction from electronic documents, PDF, scans, spreadsheets, and images
  • x10 faster data extraction speed
  • x10 savings compared to manual data entry and verification
  • x10 faster time-to-market with low-code tools and flexible pre-built configurations
  • Battle-tested by thousands of companies
  • On-premise data processing option for better privacy
  • Scalable and easy to deploy
  • Customization, training, help with integration
  • Powered by AI and machine learning


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