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ByteScout Solutions for BluePrism Integrated Solution

Increase the efficiency of your business by making your digital workforce smarter with intelligent data extraction


Make your data extraction processes more efficient and easier to maintain

Accelerate and increase accuracy

Extract text and data from PDF faster and with increased accuracy. Extract text from orders, invoices, reports, statements, attachments, scans.

Automate document-centric processes

Use OCR, data extraction and classification technologies to improve and speed up document-centric processes

Extract and classify text-based data

Automated data extraction and classification helps you getting more structured and actionable content

Speed up compliance check for massive sets of documents

Empower your digital robots with accurate AI-powered text extraction skills to ensure the compliance of your data with intelligent

Reduce manual work using smart data extraction

Give your robots improved structured content extraction skills powered by AI

Classify and identify documents using barcodes

Use barcoding tools for accurate documents classification and sorting using QR Code and Datamatrix barcodes

Why ByteScout?

  • Make your data extraction processes faster, more efficient and easier to maintain
  • x10 faster data extraction speed
  • x10 savings compared to manual data entry and verification
  • x10 faster time-to-market with low-code tools and flexible pre-built configurations
  • Battle-tested by thousands of companies
  • On-premise data processing option for better privacy
  • Scalable and easy to deploy
  • Customization, training, help with integration
  • Powered by AI and machine learning


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