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ByteScout Solutions for Business Automation

Automate routine operations with documents, dramatically decrease costs and resources required for data entry and exchange


Automate routine operations, data extraction, and preparation

Extract critical data from documents

Automate critical business data from incoming documents, scans, PDF, images

Auto-sort documents

Automatically sort electronic and scanned documents, images, PDFs using custom rules

Generate documents automatically

Generate reports, invoices, statements, and spreadsheets

Manipulate documents

Automate merging, splitting, re-arrange pages, attachments and data extraction

Read data from electronic and scanned forms

Automatically read data from electronic PDF forms, scanned applications

Use barcodes to organize documents

Encode critical information into barcodes and add barcodes to PDFs, documents, and images. Read barcodes from documents, images, scans, camera, and video

Why ByteScout?

    • Automate routine operations, data extraction, and preparation
    • x10 faster data extraction speed
    • x10 savings compared to manual data entry and verification
    • x10 faster time-to-market with low-code tools and flexible pre-built configurations
    • Battle-tested by thousands of companies
    • On-premise data processing option for better privacy
    • Scalable and easy to deploy
    • Customization, training, help with integration
    • Powered by AI and machine learning


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