May 2017

4 Key Skills You Need to Know in JavaScript
JavaScript is one of the most important web development languages used today. It lets you add a wide range of functional features to your websites, from the most basic to the most advanced. So, whether you’re an expert developer or just a beginner starting off, there are certain key JavaScript techniques you need to know to become successful. Here are four: Asynchronous Programming: Most developers write JavaScript code synchronously, which means that when executing a [...]
Why is quicker and better than other options
With PDFs becoming one of the most popular document formats, individuals and businesses are now faced with the uphill task of editing them. Unlike other formats, PDFs cannot be edited easily without the help of certain specialized software. Most of these don’t come free of cost, and the free versions only offer you a limited number of features. Here’s where steps in to fill the void. is a free online solution for all [...]
3 reasons to choose React Native for your project
If your ultimate goal is to develop mobile applications for both Android and iOS, one of the primary parameters to consider is the development language. Among the many promising options out there, which one do you choose? Let’s look at the reasons to choose React Native. As a hybrid framework that enables you to create a mobile application for Android and iOS, React Native does not require prior knowledge of either Java or Swift/Objective-C. All [...]
4 Javascript shortcuts you’re not using
Coding in JavaScript is the basis for all kinds of web and software development. Needless to say, it is an extensive process that needs to be carefully executed in order to produce the desired results. Now, thanks to some smartly designed shortcuts, the process of coding in JavaScript has become easier and swifter. And here are 4 amazing JavaScript shortcuts to help you out. JavaScript Shorthand: This is one of the least used and most [...]
SQL Tips and Tricks for Advanced Developers
3 Ways to Save Time When Coding SQL Most developers, when writing in SQL, tend to spend too much time coding. While this is okay for projects that have the luxury of an easy deadline, the norm is that most database management systems require that their projects be completed within very tight deadlines. In such scenarios, there are always tips and tricks to help speed up the process of coding without compromising on the quality. [...]