March 2017

New product updates from Bytescout !
Here are the new program updates from Bytescout. We love developers, and our products get better every time! Bytescout PDF Extractor SDK (updated on March, 6) Now you can remove text from PDF documents with a new feature - Remover class; You can now use InfoExtractor in order to read custom document properties; Extracting document images with XMLExtractor and JSONExtractor and embedding them as a Base64 string is now available; Check Unwrap property that [...]
All You Need to Know About Less, Sass and Grunt
In this tutorial, we will talk about Less and Sass. They both are CSS frameworks that aim to simplify your cascading style sheet by making them more flexible, more compact and more maintainable. The last section of this tutorial is about Grunt, a background task runner that will help you to organize and automatize your process. What are they and why do we use them? The cascading style sheet is a static component. It means [...]