July 2016

Updated Software: ByteScout PDF SDK

ByteScout updated PDF SDK software on July 7, 2016. Whats’s new: implemented signing with digital signature added “Bytescout.PDF.Converters” add-on (requires .NET 4.5 or later); implementing DOCX to HTML, HTML to PDF and DOCX to PDF conversion made assembly CLS compliant fixed Page.Watermarks collection visibility in ActiveX/COM.

Updated Software: ByteScout Barcode Generator SDK, Barcode Reader SDK, Spreadsheet SDK 2.60.1545, Barcode Reader Freeware, Barcode Generator freeware

ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK screenshot ByteScout updated ByteScout Barcode Generator SDK ByteScout Barcode Generator freeware ByteScout Barcode Reader SDK ByteScout Barcode Reader Freeware ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK 2.60.1545 on JuneĀ 16, 2016. Whats’s new: Barcode Generator SDK 4.41.867 minor improvements and bug fixes Barcode Generator freeware 4.41.867 minor improvements and bug fixes Barcode Reader