Software Project Management Tools (Part 1)

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Software project management tools are software tools that help automate the process of software development lifecycle. Development process involves many intricacies ranging from team communication to product scheduling. Handling these tasks manually requires much effort and time and the output is still erroneous. Software project management tools management software products more efficiently and in timely fashion. Following are some of the famous software project management tools.
Developed my Microsoft, MS project is one of the most widely used project management tool. It is a desktop based application similar to other Microsoft office products. The application allows you to do scheduling via gantt charts, assign roles and responsibilities to team members, track output and product completion and perform other management tasks.
Basecamp is a web-based project management tool. Unlike MS project, you do not have to install basecamp and you can assess it online. It allows users to communicate and collaborate on different projects. Best thing about basecamp is that it can also be accessed on cell phones.