New: Image To Video SDK and SWF To Video SDK released

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ByteScout updated developers software for video processing on November, 2015. 

Image To Video SDK 2.10.948 – now with WEBM output and improved x64 platform support.

What’s new ByteScout Image To Video SDK 2.10.948

  •  WebM output support added
  • now generates video slide shows into AVI, WMV, WebM video 
  • Audio looping support improved now works on x64 platform
  • minor bug-fixes and improvements in stability 

More info about ByteScout Image To Video SDK 

SWF To Video SDK 2.10.952 – with WEBM support and improved support for large sized images output for swf to png and swf to jpeg. 
  • SWF To Video improved and now converts to WEBM, WMV, AVI, PNG, JPG 
  • webM output video format supported now 
  • Output size limitations extended: now supports up to 6000×6000 pixels PNG, JPG files 
  • minor fixes and stability improvements 

 More info about ByteScout SWF To Video SDK