May 2015

What's something that you've used in the past technology related that has advanced ridiculously? The most obvious one are phones. Remember when corded phones were the norm and cordless phones were just coming out with only a few people on the band wagon? Now a days if you tell someone you have a corded land-line you get looks like you are living under a rock. How about pagers? The fact that you carried around a box [...]
ByteScout updated a developer library ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK 6.00.2071 May 14 2015. What's new ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK 6.00.2071:PDF to XML, PDF To CSV, PDF To Text functionality improvedPDF To XLS command line sample added (based on vbscript)PDF To HTML SDK adds new .DetectHyperLinks property (TRUE by default) to enable/disable automated links detection in the textnew SearchablePDFMaker (available for PRO licenses) to convert PDF into searchable PDF filesnew properties in extractor: ConsiderFontNames, ConsiderFontSizes, ConsiderFontColors, ConsiderVerticalBorders in CFG filesheader columns [...]
ByteScout PDF Multitool: automated table detectionByteScout updated PDF Multitool Utility 6.00.2071 on May 12, 2015. It is a free utility to extract data from PDF, convert PDF to CSV, PDF to XML, PDF to XLS or XLSX, PDF to TIFF images, extract file attachments and much much more!What's newByteScout PDF Multitool 6.00.2071 freeware (May 12, 2015):"PDF Viewer" was renamed to "PDF Multitool"!PDF to XML, PDF To CSV, PDF To Text functionality improvedGUI improved and refinedCopy To Clipboard button added to instantly copy the extracted data into the clipboardNew line grouping mode optionminor fixes [...]
Is programming learning hard for you? There are some opinions about learning Java:Opinion 1. For those of you who have gone through Java lessons and teachings, what was the hardest part to understand? My main issue is still dealing with Generics. It's much easier when you have methods with parameters to follow, but gets confusing when you've got to write your own.Opinion 2. Generics and Threading came easy for me as I frequently used C++ STL [...]
Some time ago we received a question and published our answer at the forum:Q. We are looking to generate batch of barcodes in Excel. Will your component work with Excel?A. Yes, you may use our Barcode Generator SDK with MS Excel, Word or Access via VBA Script like this:' IMPORTANT:' ==========================================='1) Add the ActiveX reference in Tools -> References'2) Loop through the values from the Column A for which barcode has to be generated'3) Parse the value [...]
Are there some of your questions how to start game developing below?"I'm interested in learning a programming language with the ultimate goal of making a multi-player game.I'm leaning towards development Javascript, because it seems like many online games write their games in it. My question is what else will I have to learn in regards to programming to get this made? The game will be mostly text based and easy on animation."If so, we have [...]