Virtual Reality is Real (Part 2)

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Samsung’s Project Beyond

Announced in November of this year, Project Beyond is a camera mount that hosts 16 full HD cameras enabled to capture 360-degrees of panoramic video in 3d. The device resembles a Frisbee of sorts, and its cameras are positioned along the curve of its body in pairs. Each camera is set at an angle of 45 degrees to its partner which enables complete overlapping coverage of the surrounding world. The goal is to mimic how the human eye would capture the scene. Beyond that (pun not intended), it can stream the recorded content right to your Gear VR.


Unfortunately, PB is still a prototype and has not been given any sort of release date. It’s unclear if it will ever make it to retail level, though it can be said that at the very least the project will pave the way to future advancements. Regardless of the release status to the general public, Samsung has publicly stated that they will be utilizing the device to create and deliver VR content for free on a regular basis to Gear VR owners.

The way we see it, the virtual reality field is going to get huge, fast. Right now it may be stuttering and drooling on itself, but it’s still a tyke and has the rest of time to grow. Also, increased job availability is a benefit from these advancements, as we’re pretty sure as soon as they perfect virtual reality it’ll be game over in the career department and game on in the not wearing pants or ever leaving our houses field. 

photo credit: pestoverde via photopin cc