April 2014

Top Barcode Scanners for Android Devices

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Barcodes are small images tagged or pasted on products which contain certain information about the product. Barcodes are often used by retail stores, warehouses and even government industries in order to encode information about the product, vendor and the receiver of the product. It can also encode information regarding the source and destination of the

ByteScout Screen Capturing SDK 2.10.816 released

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ByteScout released new version of Screen Capturing SDK 2.10.816 on April 10, 2014.What’s new Screen Capturing SDK 2.10.816: record video from screen, record video from applications, regions; now supports time stamp (including current date time and running time) in the text overlay. Sample usage:  capturer.OverlayingRedTextCaption = “Recording: {RUNNINGMIN}:{RUNNINGSEC}:{RUNNINGMSEC} on {CURRENTYEAR}-{CURRENTMONTH}-{CURRENTDAY} at {CURRENTHOUR}:{CURRENTMIN}:{CURRENTSEC}:{CURRENTMSEC}”; new samples for .NET, C++ and VBscript;

Image To Video SDK 2.10.813 and Spreadsheet SDK 2.40.1346 released

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Image To Video SDK 2.10.813 and Spreadsheet SDK 2.40.1346 are released on April 7, 2014. What’s new Image To Video SDK 2.10.813: convert images into video, jpg to avi, jpg to wmv, png to video WMVVideoBitrate incorrectly read issue fixed  issue with incorrect output video duration when background music is used was fixed minor fixes and improvements Download evaluation version: http://bytescout.com/products/developer/imagetovideosdk/imagetovideosdk.html More info: http://bytescout.com/products/developer/imagetovideosdk/imagetovideosdk.html What’s new Spreadsheet

ActiveX and Microsoft .NET

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ActiveX ActiveXis a software application development framework Introduced by Microsoft in 1996. ActiveX framework was geared towards web application development by combining and adapted version of earlier COM (Component Object Model) with the Object Linking and Embedding Technologies (OLE) which is widely used for downloading contents from the websites. Although theoretically, ActiveX was created with

Bytescout BarCode Reader SDK for Java 1.0 released

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New BarCode Reader SDK for Java 1.0 is released on March 31, 2014. BarCode Reader SDK for Java 1.0 is a new library for Java developers to add barcode reading into java applications. Read main barcodes in your Java app:  Code 39,  Code 128,  UPCA,  UPCE,  EAN,  Codabar,  Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes,  QR Code barcodes.  The library works in Java 6 and

Codabar Barcode. Advantages, Limitations and Applications

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read the first part here Advantages Codabar made with ByteScout Barcode SDK ·   Can be printed on simple dot-matrix printer. ·      Codabar is an extremely barcode standard. It can be encoded and decoded by all types of printers ranging from simpler to complex ones. ·      Simplest barcode standard, not much user training is required to understanding the encoding

Funny Facts about BarCodes

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Today is the most suitable day to remember some interesting stories about barcodes. Funny Fact 1: In Seattle, QR codes are inscribed on graves which contain link to the detailed information about the deceased person Funny Fact  2: The first patent for bar code was issued to inventors Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver on October 7 of 1952. Funny