August 2012

Why iPhone Purchased in Russia Won’t Work
This used iPhone has been purchased in Russia for about $700 USD. New  iPhone 4S price starts from $1000 USD so at least $300 has been saved. The battery claimed to be low and all one need to do is to charge it again. But it was not working anyway so this phone has been delivered to a service center to check and repair: Source (Russian)  
It’s Javascript time!
Lot of things in the world moving to Javascript (both client side and server side). Why? Javascript performance is getting better and better and it is nice to have one single language on both server and client side. Our new javascript products: Code128 BarCode Generator For Javascript - 100% completely client side Code 128 barcode generation.See live demo (works in your browser) Licensing: is free for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. PDF Generator SDK for Javascript (bytescoutpdf.js) - client-side PDF [...]