June 2011

Music Video: .NET Bear sings about his questions for Microsoft about Windows Phone 7 platform

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Lyrics:    Just before I say “goodbye” to Android and iPhone, I just want to ask some questions about all these shiny phones With Windows Phone, Windows Phone, Windows, Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Phone, Windows Phone 7! Will you play large hd films from torrentsand flash movies on web pages? And I want to have

Windows XP Still Most Used OS with 46% Worldwide According To StatCounter Report For May 2011

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StatCounter, a free web site usage tracker (installed on 3 millions sites) published Top Operating Systems on May 2011 report: http://gs.statcounter.com/#os-ww-monthly-201105-201105-bar Worldwide Windows XP: 46%Windows 7: 33%Windows Vista: 13%Maс OS: 6% North America:Windows 7 : 34%Windows XP : 32%Windows Vista : 18%Maс OS : 14% Europe: Windows XP : 38% Windows 7 : 36% Windows Vista