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Why Hardware Based Activation Sucks

From time to time we receive questions from our prospective customers like these: what should I do if I need to migrate to another web-server with another hardware? Will I need to re-activate my license key?

When you purchase a tool or a server side component that will be installed on a production web server, this kind of question is really important.

Why? Imagine that you got an attention to your web-site after it was mentioned on TV or in a radio show and you have to move quickly to another hardware (or to another virtual machine) to stand again much larger number of visitors.

And imagine that you are trying to activate the component on new hardware and it fails to activate. You are writing to the technical support for the component and getting automated response that your will get the response in next 12 hours.

This is why the hardware based activation sucks for server side components and libraries. And this is why we do not use the hardware activation in our products and our customers can move to another server hardware without any hassles by simply copying files to another server with the same system configuration (but another hardware)