-Watermarking - Testimonial

I like Bytescout watermarking as it is easy to use giving you plenty of choice and options to play around with.
I am mainly using it to protect my family and personal pictures. I like al the features I've used so

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-Watermarking PRO - Testimonial

I have only briefly used it to see if it would work for my purposes, but I

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-PDF SDK for.NET - Testimonial

ByteScout software is a very stable and useful product,
and also very simple to use.
-- Lorenzo

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Watemarking - Testimonial

I was looking for a watermaking program to help me tagging my photos.
Bytescout Watermarking(BW) was exactly what I was looking for,
especially for batch tagging, which is now saving me a lot of time,
letting me to concentrate in more creative tasks!
What I like most of BW is basically its simpliciyt of use. Actually,
it´s very intuitive to navigate through its options. -- Enrique

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-Barcode Generator SDK - Testimonial

ByteScout is very easy to implement and looks very complete as far as configurability and supported symbologies are concerned. We plan to use it occasionally in a plug-in for our software to support 2Dbarcodes. -Rutger

Watermarking - testimonial

For quality, speed and user friendliness, ByteScout was the clear choice for me.  I have now purchased the "Standard" version (it also comes in a "Pro" version) Now I can resize and watermark one photo or a batch with four clicks and there was virtually no learning curve. Dave 

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Testimonial - Watermarking Pro

I purchased it mainly to be able to insert Text on to media files at specific locations and it does that very well. --Roger 

Testimonial - BarCode Reader SDK

Your component is quite easy to implement and it didn't take me long to replace our previous barcode reading solution. --Nathan

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Testimonial - Graph Digitizer Scout

The primary use is to convert scans to data for use in simulations. Because many of the scans are of poor quality, the ability to manually adjust scales and select data points is critical. For our purposes, Graph Digitizer Scout is complete. Occasionally, I have had issues with negatives numbers but have been able to work around issues. The ability to manually adjust scales and select data points provides great flexibility. --James

Testimonial - PPT To Video Scout

I have converted a couple of PPT presentations to WMV with the intention of uploading to my youtube channel. Conversion was easy peasy. Thank you. --Vijay