The PDF SDK for .NET  product has been acquired by Sybrex company in January, 2011 and not available on our web-site anymore.

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How to add text to existing PDF document using Bytescout.PDF library for .NET applications

Add text to the existing PDF document using Bytescout.PDF library for .NET

In this example Bytescout.PDF library for .NET is used to add text to the first page of the existing PDF document (HelloWorld.pdf) and save new document as HelloWorldAgain.pdf

Download example source code: (6 KB)

Source PDF document which is taken as source to modify (add text) and save as new document file

PDF document with text added to the first page

            // Create main PDF Doc Engine
PDFDocEngine engine = new PDFDocEngine("""");

// Open existing document
Document document engine.AddDocument("HelloWorld.pdf");

// Get first page
Page page document.GetPage(0);

// Create new drawing
Drawing drawing page.AddDrawing();

// Add standard font
uint font document.AddFontStandard(StandardFontType.Courier, FontEncodingType.WinAnsi);

// Set Active Font
drawing.SetActiveFont(font, 50falsefalse);

// Draw Text
drawing.PlaceText(1001500"Hello again, World!");
drawing.PlaceText(1002000"(was added to the existing page)");

// Closing drawing on the page

// Save document

Download example source code: (6 KB)

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